White label our shade finder


White label our shade finder

Words : Tiffany Brenning | October 15, 2018

While beauty products like eyeshadow, lipstick or blush are fairly easy to color match online, when it comes to match your foundation online, things change...


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While beauty products like eyeshadow, lipstick or blush are fairly easy to color match online, when it comes to match your foundation online, things change completely. Again, choosing the right foundation color match and shade for your skin when you cannot really see the foundation product can be a problem. Thankfully, the Match My Makeup foundation shade finder tool, like the Match My Makeup foundation shade finder, can help you with this issue and make your life much easier. However, there are still a few things that you need to know when choosing the right foundation color match online.

So what do you need to know before buying foundation online?

  1. 1. How to chose foundation color online for your skin

It's important to not panic when you first try to buy your foundation online. You will see thousands of foundation options, but don't rush in! In order to establish exactly what kind of foundation color match you need, you might have to do some foundation research first. Match My Makeup solves your problem!

It's important to know some details regarding what you need when it comes to your foundation color match. For example, the level of coverage, a foundations finish (if it's dewy or matte), and what kind of skin you have. In case of an oily skin, go for a matte, long-wearing foundation. If your skin is dry, choose a hydrating, lightweight foundation. To this extent, the website Beauty Essential also has a myriad of useful articles on how to choose the right makeup for every skin type which might help you in your journey to choose the best foundation color match. You will also find more details about how you should take care of various types of skin, the best products to match them, and makeup recommendations.

  1. 2. The right shade

Making the right choice when it comes to your foundation shade can be an issue if you don't know too many theoretical details. Thankfully, this article shows you how to choose foundation color (online) and offers you a few tips when it comes to your skin's undertones.

You can either have a cool, warm or neutral undertone to your skin. A person with a cool undertone will have bluish veins showing up under a rosy-colored skin. A warm-toned person will certainly have a golden tint to their skin with veins that look more greenish. Finally, someone with a neutral skin undertone is a mix between the previous two ones and can usually choose any foundation shade they want. Once you've decided what your undertone is, read the label of the foundation you want and see if it fits.

  1. 3. Do your homework when you need to foundation color match!

While you're surfing the world wide web in search for the perfect foundation and makeup recommendations, why not stop and read some professional reviews, watch makeup ideas and videos or look through some fashion makeup looks that use a certain kind of foundation? The internet is a big place that can help you in these situations. Also, if you find a certain foundation brand that you love but which is too expensive, you can always go for foundation dupes which are products from different brands but which look similar to luxury ones.

  1. 4. Mix and Match Makeup Recommendations - Match My Makeup

The harsh reality tells us that you might not always get the perfect foundation color match from a single product. In this case, it's time to mix and match! Go for two shades of the same foundation and use them together to create the perfect foundation color. Also, this idea also works when your skin becomes either lighter or darker, depending on the season. Another important trick that you can do when you don't find your exact foundation color match is to go for the lighter one. You can always darken it with a bit of bronzer and it will look good. A darker shade always looks fake and unpleasant. This is how to chose foundation color (online).

  1. 5. Be careful with your swatches and foundation color match!

Makeup recommendations tell us that the inner wrist or the hand are not the best places to swatch foundations on. These swatches might look amazing on Instagram, but the reality is different. In fact, in order to perfectly match your foundation color with that of your skin, you should always try it on either your jawline or your neck. These places always offer a very precise match. If you're still uninitiated in the art of makeup, and are on the lookout for makeup ideas you should search for tutorials on how to put on makeup or watch similar YouTube videos. They are truly a blessing of the modern age.


All in all, it seems that figuring out what shade of foundation you need can be a real struggle, especially when you're doing it online. Thankfully, there are tools that make your life easier and help you buy the perfect products for you without having to waste so much time in physical makeup shops. However, it's important to remember those tips each time you're buying something online so that you end up with the perfect foundation for your skin type and color. Check out the Match My Makeup Dupe List , Tips and Trends, Beauty Blog , Makeup ideas, Makeup Recommendations Foundation shade finder foundation Dupes


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