White label our shade finder


White label our shade finder

Words : | January 1, 0001

Did you know you could make yourself look 10 years younger by tweaking some of your makeup habits? Here's how...


1. Brows

Many women think that the higher and more arched the brow, the younger they look. In fact it's the opposite. The lower and straighter the brow, the younger they look. Have a look at children's brows, you will notice that they tend to be straight and sit quite low. You also want them nice and full, the thinner your eyebrows, the older and harsher you'll look! Don't despair if you were born with thin eyebrows or have permanently lasered them too thin (my mistake back in the early days), see point 4 - you can use Latisse or Lumigan on your brows to make them grow!

2. Cheeks

We have been told many times to smile before applying our blush to the apples of our cheeks. This was good advice for when we were in our 20's but what happens once we're older? When you stop smiling, your apples will fall lower and you end up placing blush a little too low dragging your face down. To create a lift, you need to place your blush a little higher on your cheekbones.

3. Bronzer

As we age, our facial volumes changes due to shifts in the fatty layer of our face. In addition, our facial skeleton continues to age creating shadows. Two places where our facial skeleton hollows out are our forehead and temples. Whilst dusting bronzer over our forehead and temples can create a sunkissed appearance, over a certain age, it can in fact make us look older.

4. Lashes

We all know that our lashes get thinner and sparser as we get older. Avoid using lengthening mascaras as they can highlight the problem. Instead use a volumising mascara. We are going to let you in on a little secret here: "Latisse", the lash growing product that sells for around $200 is identical to "Lumigan" which is an antiglaucoma medication which only sells for a around $35. Both are made by Allergan and both contain identical ingredient "bimatoprost" in identical concentrations… shhhhhhh… we didn't tell you here!

5. Heavy Makeup

Powders are great for setting makeup, but too much of it will seep into the wrinkles of your face making you look much older than what you really are! If you are using a powder foundation, it's best to apply it on with your usual brush/sponge, then using a damp sponge, stipple it over your foundation concentrating on the area's with the lines - eyes, laugh lines, nose and forehead -'The Beauty Blender' is a great sponge for this because of its shape, but other cheaper alternatives sold at discount stores will also do the trick. The stippling motion (quick dabs up and down) presses the foundation into your skin while taking the excess off! What you're left with, is a fresh natural-looking application of your foundation that covers, but is not too matte.


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