What's the one makeup product you can't live without? While you may have easily answered that question without a second thought, we challenge you to try this experiment for yourself to see what in fact, makes the biggest difference to your appearance. You may be surprised to see that what you thought was essential in your makeup routine actually made the least (or a bad) difference.

The Experiment

We started with a bare face and used ONE product at a time, washing our face every time we applied a different product and taking photo’s after every product.

We’ve been told many times over that brows make the biggest difference because brows frame the entire face and so Van has always been adamant that if she could only do ONE thing in the morning, it would definitely be her brows. As you look through the photos, just remember that what looks best on Van might not be what’s best for your face, so it’s worthwhile for you to try this at home also!

  • The Bare Face

    The Bare Face: Van has post pregnancy pigmentation under the eyes and on top of her cheek bones. Her skin type is combination with little to no scarring.

  • Brows

    Brows: We started here because we thought this was the most important feature. After taking a look at the photo, we had to think twice. Lesson: Brows complement and complete a look, they don't make the look. We used Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Mahogany applied with a soft eyeliner brush.

  • Red Lips

    Red Lips: Makeup artist Rachel Elizabeth once told us that to wear a red lip, you actually need a face full of makeup to make it look good. She was right! A bold red lip on a complete bare face somehow made us look unkempt. We used YSL Rouge Pur Couture in No 1.

  • Blush

    Blush: This one was a surprise. It's normally one of the last things Van would save if her dresser was burning down, yet it made a big difference making her look fresh and young! We used Tom Ford Blush in Flush.

  • Winged Eyeliner

    Winged eyeliner: This one might be a good one for larger and rounder eyes, but for smaller Asian eyes, this made our eyes look a more slanted. We used Dior Liquid Liner in Noir.

  • Top and Bottom Liner

    Top and bottom liner: This definitely defined our eyes and made them stand out. On the fence with this because some may like a strong eye and some prefer the more natural looking eye. We used Tom Ford Onyx Eye Defining Pencil.

  • Mascara

    Mascara: Very true when people say that Mascara opens up the eye. It certainly does make you look awake and widens your eyes. One of the top 3 enhancers of the face, we think. We used Dior Show Blackout mascara in Noir.

  • Foundation

    Foundation: This was a good enhancer. It goes to show that studies of healthy skin giving the illusion of a younger and a more attractive woman is true! Lesson: You can look your best when you have great skin. The best part is that you don't need makeup for that! You can achieve this all by yourself with a good skincare regime and eating healthy! If you need a bit of help, we used Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Barcelona and Makeup For Ever concealer in No. 2.

The Results

The result

The top 3 products in the order that we thought made the biggest difference to Van’s appearance are:

  • Foundation

  • Blush

  • Mascara

So if you’re looking to do a 5 minute face as part of your daily makeup routine, you now know the 3 most important product that would enhance your natural face. If you’ve got extra time, then you can start doing the rest!

Check in next time for our part 2 where we combine the top 3 products into a short ‘5 minute face’ clip and then show you how the face looks with all 8!