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How many times have you read about a great foundation in a magazine, jumped online only to discover that you have no idea what color you are because the color swatches and descriptions are so vague?

Or perhaps you went to the department store to be sure and still came home with the wrong color because of the lighting in the store? Chances are, you also came home with a bunch of products you didn't need because you could not say no to the sales girl who was being so nice to you?

After going through the above scenario again and again every time we heard of a new or great foundation we wanted to try, we thought to ourselves, "If I already know my exact color with Giorgio Armani, wouldn't it be great if there was a tool somewhere that would tell me the exact color equivalent to every other foundation on the market?" We went online to search for a site that would help us and surprisingly discovered there are no sites at the time that did what we needed.

So this lead to the birth of the Match My Makeup website. How hard could it be to match foundation right?Little did we know, what started as a simple idea grew into a full blown production where each little obstacle we came across led us to seeking answers and help from professionals and experts dealing in the field of the science, physics and mathematics of color.

In the process of matching, we have acquired a color reading machine that breaks down every foundation color to its elements, worked with color analysts to help us understand the readings on the machine, mathematicians to help find an equation to group the color readings and scientists to help  explain how to match liquids to powders.  Phew!  That was only the beginning! 

To make sure all these experts were doing the right thing, we then set about manually testing every match to see if it is correct.  In addition, we had to make sure the colors matched under different lightings so we got ourselves a professional light box that simulated different light conditions, daylight, office light, fluorescent light and candle light.

So this website has been the result of a lot of sleepless nights, raw skin (from rubbing foundation on and off) and ruined carpets (from spilling foundation). Hope you all get as much out of it as we have.  It will be constantly updated and please feel free to let us know of any suggestions that we can do to improve the site.

Our Contributors

Dr Van Park

Cosmetic Physician and Co-Founder of

Van has been in the cosmetic aesthetic environment for over 12 years and is hailed as one of Sydney's most highly regarded physicians in this field. Her passion to make all things beautiful has landed her on the pages of Vogue, Instyle, Madison and countless newspapers and TV appearances.

When she's not busy travelling the globe giving lectures or working at her practice at Double Bay, you can find her perusing the makeup aisles in the department stores and pharmacies scouting for the latest cult beauty products.