Did you know that the shape of your face can determine how attractive and youthful you look?

Think of a woman across a room at a party or a function. You are too far to see any of her lines or wrinkles but you can always tell whether she is attractive and roughly how old she is.

In terms of attractiveness, for a woman, the more narrow the lower face, the more attractive it is perceived to be. The ideal shape being an oval or heart shape. If you are however not born with an ideal face shape, you can easily attain it with a little botox which can be used to slim the lower face.

Dr Van Park says this is one of the simplest procedures to perform and usually only needs a once or twice yearly treatment for maintenance. It is one of her favourite procedures that she does on herself so that says a lot!

For a man however, it is the reverse. The wider the lower face, the more masculine the man will appear. Dr Van Park says many men come to her clinic requesting to have a stronger more define jawline and that means doing the exact reverse of what she does for women.

In terms of aging, Dr Van Park says that as we age our lower face widens due to changes to the underlying fat and bone. Our face shape goes from an upside down triangle to a right side up triangle where our upper half of the face narrows in addition to the widening of our lower face.

Most cosmetic treatments should aim to narrow the lower face which can be done with botox and fillers. Dr Van Park says that in the past we made the mistake of using fillers to fill in lines such as marionettes and jowls that added volume to the lower face. Whilst this may have reduced the appearance of the lines in the lower face, it did not necessarily make the woman look younger. Nowadays, we can use fillers to “lift” rather than fill the lines without adding bulk and creating the ideal “V shape” of the face.