Dr Van Park has just come back from overseas giving talks about a new way to use fillers.

Whilst we all know that fillers can be used to address volume loss and shadowing on the face, you can also use it to do the reverse – enhancing the light reflection from the face.

Dr Van Park says that you can use fillers just as an extension of the makeup brush, placing very small amounts on certain points of the face to increase the light reflection. Just like how we can apply highlighting/ shimmery makeup to reflect light when we are doing our own makeup.

Using fillers in this way means we are not giving volume so there is no risk of looking “pillow faced”.

In fact by increasing the light reflection on certain parts of the face, you can make someone look refreshed or give the illusion of a lift without using much filler at all.

She says it is more about achieving an enhanced version of yourself.

The procedure is very quick and there is no bruising or swelling at all. This means that you can literally get it done in your lunch hour and will have an enhanced version of yourself by the time you go out for dinner.