The infamous Urban Decay Naked Palettes - what's all the rage? What's the difference between the original and its successor?

Urban Decay’s original Naked Palette lived up to its reputation. I couldn’t live without it…it traveled everywhere with me, so much to the extent that the mirror cracked then eventually fell off and the once clean, velvety packaging was now unrecognizable. It had all the right earthy tones and colors to take me from day to night, natural to smokey. There’s a good mix between matte and metallic with really good pigment to each shade. I just couldn’t go wrong with this palette – no matter what color combinations I tried on my eyes. It never clashed with my clothes (because every shade was so classic), never made me look like a drag queen (because it had just the right shimmer and not over-the-top glitter) and it went well with almost every eye color and skin tone (I shared mine around to my friends and they all fell in love). There’s not a bad word that can be said about this palette, except that I wish the packaging was more sturdy.

Urban Decay NAKED. Left 4 colours. Virgin (nude satin), Sin (champagne shimmer), Naked (light taupe matte), Sidecar (dark taupe shimmer).

Urban Decay NAKED. Middle 4 colours. Buck (light brown matte), Half Baked (bronze shimmer), Smog (golden chocolate shimmer), Dark Horse (dark brown shimmer).

Right 4 colours. Toasted (taupe shimmer), Hustle (chocolate shimmer), Creep (black sparkle), Dark Horse (grey sparkle).

News finally spread in Dec 2011 of the Naked 2 palette. I thought my prayers were answered – it came with a sturdier case…I couldn’t contain myself. I rushed to the store, bought it, ran home, ripped it open and tried all the colors. Honestly, it was a bit of a letdown for me. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a good palette but with all the hype and anticipation, I expected this palette to be AMAZING…better than the original. They’re very similar in that you could almost find an equivalent shade in the first palette with a slight variation, eg, Booty Call is similar to Virgin; Tease is in between Naked and Buck; Snakebite is cooler version of Smog; Suspect is a cooler version of Sidecar and Half Baked appears in it again. I wasn’t a fan of the lip gloss and preferred the eye-shadow primer that came with the first palette. That said, it’s not a bad combination of colors. I can’t exactly pinpoint why I didn’t like this palette as much as the first, maybe the colors were a little cooler than the first, but I just found myself going back to the original over and over again.

Urban Decay NAKED 2. Left 4 colours. Foxy (bare matte), Half Baked (bronze shimmer), Bootycall (nude satin), Chopper (copper shimmer).

Urban Decay NAKED 2. Middle 4 colours. Tease (pale taupe matte), Snakebite (light chocolate shimmer), Suspect (taupe shimmer), Pistol (light grey shimmer).

Urban Decay NAKED 2. Right 4 colours. Verve (silver shimmer), YDK (cool bronze shimmer), Busted (chocolate shimmer), Blackout (black matte).

I polled the girls at MMM and all their friends to see what colors they loved best in either palettes. The results were pretty universal – so if we could make our very own palette it would consist of:

  • Foxy (Naked 2): Matte base color – better than virgin or sin from the first palette.

  • Half Baked – available in both palettes.

  • Chopper (Naked 2) – a good natural warm highlighter for in the inner corners of the eye.

  • Buck (Original) – Natural matte color good for contouring the outer corners of eye for day.

  • Smog (Original) – Perfect all over metallic color, more for night time.

  • Dark Horse (Original) – Great for night time smokey eye or contouring; Shimmery.

  • Toasted (Original) – Good for day or night all over the lid.

  • Hustle (Original) – Good for contouring the smokey eye for night.

  • Blackout (Naked 2) – Can be used dry or wet. Good for contouring or as an eyeliner.

Our conclusion…

If you could only buy 1, then go for the original Urban Decay’s NAKED palette, BUT if you had the money, buy both! It’s well worth it.

Urban Decay’s NAKED 2 palette is still better than most other palettes out there from other brands – so if the Original was completely out of stock and you desperately needed to buy a natural palette, go for the NAKED 2.