We’ve asked our expert cosmetic physician, the questions you’ve asked us!

Q: What cosmetic procedure would you recommend if I were:

  • In my 20’s: Preventative baby botox in the upper face

  • In my 30’s: Above and start botox in the lower face to prevent the sagging

  • In my 40’s: Lips because lips get thinner as you get older

  • In my 50’s: Lower face with fillers – addressing the lower face to straighten up the jaw line

  • 60 and above: Botox around upper face, Fillers in the nose because the tips start to droop as we age; Lips because it thins and addressing the shadowing with fillers

Generally as you get older, your face thins out and hollows out so start with preventative botox when you’re young to stop the wrinkles and sagging then as you age, you’ll start to see you need more fillers.

Q: If you could offer 1 advice regarding skincare or skin maintenance, what would it be?

Sunscreen – prevention is better than a cure! It’s cheaper than all the cosmetic procedures out there that make you look as if you had worn sunscreen your whole life!

Q: I have $500 to spend on Makeup/cosmetic procedures/skincare, what would you spend it on?

Makeup!! It can cover anything!

Q: Is it really worth spending extra money on “specialised” foundations that claim to have “antiaging” ingredients or “SPF”?

No. Usually the antiaging ingredients in the foundations are such low concentration that it is unlikely to make much difference. The FDA and TGA are also so strict that anything sold in the department store will be too diluted or in a less active form. It is best to use active antiaging skincare under your make up if you want the benefits.

Regarding foundations with SPF, although it may have adequate SPF, to get the true sun protection, you need to slather it all over the face in a relatively thick layer. You are unlikely to do this with foundation. Many women use foundations with SPF thinking they are getting adequate sun protection but are actually not using enough. To make sure you are getting adequate sun protection, make sure you use a proper SPF under your foundation.

Q: How do I apply all the different products on my face? In which order do I apply them?

This is a very common question that gets asked all the time. It is very confusing to know exactly what to apply first and last.

General rule is apply your antiaging ingredients first, then moisturiser if you need it, then sunscreen then lastly foundation.