Tablet Magazine Subscriptions

This probably sounds ironic coming from a ‘somewhat techie’ startup company, but we’ve only recently decided to go with tablet magazine subscriptions and we haven’t looked back!

We thought we wouldn’t be able to give up our need to physically hold a magazine, flip through its pages, and tear out outfit ideas, AND, we thought it would be a little hard to navigate and get used to, but now we’re obsessed! Tablet editions are just the same, if not better than its physical counterparts. Its more compact, lighter on our handbags and we can have access to ALL the magazines whenever we want – at the doctor’s office, on the train, at the airport!

Just as our attitude to online shopping went from a “no-way, I want to physically try it on and touch the fabric…” to “Oh, I love that dress on her, let’s pop online and see if they have it in my size”, so did our attitude towards tablet editions of our favorite magazines!