Look your best on your biggest day – learn some tips and and what to avoid from bridal Makeup Pro Rachel Elizabeth…


A little foundation and concealer can go a long way. If you’re using a good coverage foundation and concealer, you won’t need to cake it on.

Set your foundation: Many brides want to look fresh and dewy, but a dewy finish to your foundation won’t last. You’re better off setting with a lightweight powder so that it starts out matte but settles into your skin gradually. You can fake a dewy look with clever highlighting on the high points of your face without compromising the staying power of your base. Not setting your base with a powder means that your makeup will wear off within a couple of hours.

One of Rachel Elizabeth’s favourite setting powders is M.A.C Blot Powder. A great highlighter is Nars (Liquid) Illuminator.

Bridal Skin


Sunlight kills blush. You need enough blush to give you a healthy fresh look - not enough will leave you looking washed out.

Don’t place it on your cheekbones either - it belongs on the apples of your cheeks and then swept back a little.


Don’t forget your eyebrows - your brows frame your eyes and neglecting to have them professionally shaped in the lead up to the big day can ruin your whole look. Clean full brows open up your eyes and leave the skin smooth for a flawless eyeshadow application. It’s important for your bridesmaids to have well shaped brows too.

Use an eyeshadow primer. M.A.C Paint Pots and Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion are both fabulous at giving your eyeshadow something to hold onto and stop them from creasing.

False lashes are a girls best friend! Lashes may not be for everyone, but they are an amazing creation and, when used correctly, can give your eyes much more presence than simply piling on darker eyeshadows. 99% of Rachel Elizabeth’s brides have at least a few individuals added to their makeup.

Bridal Eyes


Not re-applying is a big no-no - you’re going to be kissing for the photos, eating and drinking on your location photos and talking - all these things take away your lipstick. Having a full face of makeup and no lipstick is like wearing a fabulous cocktail dress with rubber thongs.

Don’t go too nude with your lips. You don’t need to go dark or bright, but you will look best with a bit of color. Otherwise, you risk washing out your complexion.


If you plan to wear a fake tan, make sure you try it out a few weeks before the wedding. You want a color that has a bit of pink in it. The pink gives you a healthy color much closer to how you would look had you tanned naturally, rather than turning you that dreaded shade of orange.

Have the person applying the tan spray your face and carefully around your ears too. You don’t want patches of white showing through if your hair moves./p>

Makeup: Rachel Elizabeth

Photo: Neil Fenelon