How many times have we stared at beautiful celebrities like Kim Kardashian and longed for their come-hither eyes? Applying fake lashes can be very intimidating, but truth is, once you get the hang of it, it becomes as easy as applying any other part of your makeup!

Let’s start with the basics

  • Strip lashes or individual ones
    How to decide? We’ve heard individual lashes are easier for novices than a strip but our take on it: individual lashes are messier and harder to apply! We’ve tried individual lashes and find they’re more time consuming to put on and we run the risk of looking odd if we place them differently on each eye. Positioning of the lash is so important because it can drag or droop your eyes. Our preference is for a strip lash. Make sure you hold it up against your eye first and trim it to size before you put the glue on!

    Choose your material synthetic
  • Choose your look
    There’s all sorts of falsies out there ranging from the ‘natural’ look, the ‘bold thick voluminous’ look, the ‘feather and flirty’ type, right down to the arty and outrageous lashes. For individual lashes, they come in an array of lengths – longer ones look great on the outer corners of your eye for a flirty look. There’s a great lash app that allows you to see how falsies will look on. It’s fun to see the difference lashes make and to experiment with different types of looks (

    Choose your look
  • Choose your material

    • There’s 100% human hair (Ardell make great ones that are available at all major pharmacies ) or

      Choose your material human hair
    • Synthetic – we love Helen Dowsley’s lashes, not only are they of the highest quality, they’re handmade and ethically sourced right down to the packaging! It feels good to look good and know that you’re doing good!
      These are available at

      Choose your material synthetic
  • Choose your glue
    From our experience, all glue brands are the same (Duo, Ardell), the only difference is in its price point. What you may want to consider here is whether to go for waterproof or dark toned glue. It’s a mix bag here at MMM, some of us prefer the clear glue and some prefer the dark toned one. It may just come down to whether you’re creating a smokey eye (in which case the dark toned one will do nicely) or a natural eye (in which case the clear glue might be better).

  • Do your eye makeup first
    This includes curling and applying mascara to your natural lashes. It may seem like an obvious step for some of us, but speaking from experience, there have been times when we get over excited about trying something new that we forget to do the most basic step!

Now the tricky part – Applying it

  • Place a small amount of glue at the back of your hand. Hold the lashes with your tweezers and drag the base of it lightly through the glue.

    Apply False Lashes Step 1
  • Wait for 1 minute for the glue to go tacky – this is vital so it’s easier to apply and less messy when the lashes are sitting on your eyes.

    Apply False Lashes Step 2
  • Holding the strip lash in the middle with the tweezers, tilt your head back and place the lash on top of your natural lash as it would sit on your eye – don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you still have time to move it about. Lightly press the lash down in the middle of the eye so that it has contact with the rims of your eye.

    Apply False Lashes Step 3
  • Now with your tweezers, move to the inner corner of the eye and press the lash into your inner lash line – hold it there for a few seconds for the glue to make contact with the rim of your eyes.

  • Move to the outer corners of the eye and with your tweezers, adjust the lash strip so it meets the outer corners of your lash line and press down.

    Apply False Lashes Step 5
  • With your tweezers closed, press down at different intervals along the strip to make sure it’s securely on your lash line.

  • Additional Tips

    • We like to use an eyelash curler to lightly press the lashes together with your own natural ones. It makes the lashes sit better in our opinion. If you press too hard – don’t worry, the curl will slowly subside.

    • DO NOT apply mascara to the false lashes – it will ruin it and look horrible!

    • Re-do your eyeliner and go over the lash line.

    • If you made a mistake or the lashes are too separated from your natural lash line, just pull it off, remove the glue from your eyelids with a cotton bud and start again!

    • To remove the lashes after you wear them, simply pull them off your eyelid – don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!

    • Lastly, look after them and you can reuse them until they start looking drabby!

      before after false lashes