Just like fashion, perfume is one of those things that diversify the men from the women. The ones we tend to love, men don’t necessarily find appealing. This perfume is one of those. I first read about Kirsten 1996 in a tweet from Victoria Beckham. She described it as being “so chic”. Of course if Victoria thinks its chic, it must be! And we all want to be a chic. So I made it a mission to try it on.

My first impression of it was that it reminded me very much of Thierry Muglers “Angel” but without the chocolate, sweet undertones. It did indeed smell “chic”. Probably something someone the likes of Carine Rotfield would wear. I imagine women spraying this on before slinking into a fur coat. Elegant and cool at the same time. “Gosh you stink!” were the first words my husband said to me the minute I came close to him. Huh? I thought I was smelling quite sexy?!

Nonetheless, I am still obsessed with this perfume. It is one of those that you keep smelling your wrist after you spray it on. It melds in with your own scent. It’s alluring, it’s velvety, and it’s dark. It makes you feel like putting on your highest heels and best coat over your best lingerie… even if it’s just to go as far as your bedroom mirror.