If you're reading this, chances are you've used dry shampoo before or you're curious to try it.

Used after a gym session, in between a blow dry, after an Indian head massage, to keep bangs less oily, or just for volume, dry shampoos are a MUST in every bathroom, desk, gym bag or luggage.

We've road tested Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo, Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk and Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Here are the results:


Batiste : Starts at US$7.99 for the original and US$8.99 for the cans with a hint of color. Each can is 120mls/6.73 fl oz/120g.

Klorane : US$18 for 150ml/3.2 oz

Oscar Blandi : US$11 for 1.4oz/39.6g or $25 for 5 oz/142g

WINNER: Batiste

Blending Into Hair And Sopping Up The Oils

Batiste : A very fine powder like consistency and with the advantage of having different colors (Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown), this was quite undetectable in the hair. It did its job - got rid of the oiliness in the roots and on the bangs and made our hair look cleaner. We didn’t have to use much of the product to get the desired results, but by the end of the working day we found our hair to start looking a little limp and a little greasy – nothing a re-spray couldn’t fix before heading to dinner. The smell of this was quite pleasant and conjured up thoughts of a summery island getaway.

Klorane : A baby-powder like consistency that was not as fine milled as Batiste. It sprays on white and needs more work blending and rubbing into the roots and hair, especially if you are a brunette. That said, we found it to instantly perk up our greasy locks and take away the grease immediately. We sweated and touched our hair during the stressful day then ran off to our dinner date without having to re-apply! The clean smelling scent lasted all day.

Oscar Blandi : A fine mist like consistency that reminded us of hairspray. It felt a little sticky at first but blended very well with our hair leaving no hint of dry shampoo use. This one took a little longer and a little more product to give us the appearance of a fresh head of hair. After about 4 hours of running around in the heat, we found we needed another blast of dry shampoo to perk up our bangs. The lemony scent was very subtle and a great addition.

WINNER: Klorane


Batiste : Light to Medium volume when applied to the roots.

Klorane : High volume

Oscar Blandi : Little to no volume

WINNER: Klorane

Overall Thoughts

It was a close call between the Batiste and the Klorane, with Batiste costing almost ½ of the Klorane price tag. Overall however, it was unanimous that we’d be repurchasing the Klorane for its amazing volumizing capabilities and ability to take us from morning through to night.