Did you know what botox and fillers can do?

1. Slim the face

The ideal face shape is considered to be oval. People who have a strong jawline due to grinding or just strong muscles can have botox in the lower face to make the face appear smaller. The bonus of this treatment is that it can also make your cheekbones look more pronounced without getting any fillers in the cheeks.

2. Refine the nose

You can get fillers on the nose to do many things such as make it straighter, look slimmer, raise the tip, make the tip look more narrow or raise the bridge of the nose.

3. Make the eyes rounder

Small doses of botox at the lower lash line can make the eyes look rounder.

4. Rejuvenate the earlobes

Did you know that your earlobes get all shrivelled as you get older? You can use fillers to make them look nice and full again. Also if you have a large holes in your earlobes due to wearing heavy earrings, you can fill the lobes to stop the holes from getting larger.

5. Rejuvenate the hands

You can use certain fillers to rejuvenate the hand to make it look less veiny or bony.

6. Slim your calves

Botox can be used in the calf muscles to make them smaller. You need quite a lot of botox but probably only need to be treated once a year to maintain results.