Having just flown back from a whirlwind tour giving lectures around Asia, Dr Van Park shares with us her travel beauty tips.

I happen to be one of those people who LOVE to travel. Before I had my baby I would travel every 6 weeks for work. Nowadays, I still travel but try to limit my overseas trips to 5 a year. At the risk of sounding too vain, I also happen to be one of those people who can never go out without makeup. So there is no way I will go to the airport and sit on a plane without makeup. Over the years, I have picked up some tips and tricks that always guarantee that I look fresh and smart when I land even if I am not feeling that way. Here are three little tricks to looking your best when you land after a long flight.

  • On the day of the flight, I apply my makeup as normal but put extra care into my eye makeup. Even if everything else has rubbed off, if your eyes still look fresh, you look less tired. I use an eye primer and apply eye shadow and eye pencil only. I like to use brown eye liner pencil because if it smudges, it looks intentional rather than messy. Some of my favourites are Mac Teddy, Tom Ford metallic mink and Bobbi Brown gel liner in Mahogany. I avoid using mascara because I have learnt from experience that if you happen to fall asleep on your face during the flight, your eyelashes get all stuck together when you wake up. So instead I bring mascara on the flight and apply just before we land. Some days when I just can't go without mascara I use the lengthening one as it clumps less and apply a volumising one on top before just before landing.

  • Did you know the UV rays are much much stronger in the air than on the ground? I am vain but not vain enough to give up my beloved window seat! For this reason, I always make sure I wear extra duty sunscreen under my makeup before I fly. I make sure I carry some makeup remover wipes with me and wipe my base off when it gets dark. I then apply a leave on moisturising face mask (Dermalogica hydrating mask) for the rest of the flight.

  • 1 hour to 45 minutes before we land, I remove my mask and apply my base and mascara. A tinted moisturiser with an SPF is good because it does both (I like the Chantecaille tinted moisturiser). Sometimes after a long flight we can look really washed out. Have you ever caught your reflection in the mirror of the cabin toilets and got the shock of your life? Blush is the one thing that can instantly lift your face and make you look fresh. Stila convertible colour in petunia is great because it looks like you just have a healthy glow and it doubles up as a great lip colour.

There you go. It seems quite complicated but once you got it down pat, I assure you will step off the plane feeling a little more human!

In my carry on makeup bag

  • Diorshow blackout mascara

  • Tom Ford Metallic Mink eye line

  • Stila convertible colour in petunia

  • Chantecaille tinted moisturiser and sunscreen

  • Dermalogica salicylic acid face wipes.

  • Dermologica hydrating face mask

Some advice about airplane beauty that I don’t get

  • Spraying face mists regularly.
    Water on the face just encourages evaporation and makes your skin even drier. Not just that, can you imagine sitting next to someone who is constantly spraying fine mists onto them? No doubt some of the mists will get onto you too. I imagine it will be like having someone constantly sneezing next you!

  • Drink a litre of water every hour.
    What!? On a good day, I drink 1 12 litres of water a day. That means on a 7 hour flight, you will be drinking 7 litres of water. Again imagine the poor person sitting next you if you are window and constantly going to the bathroom. Having been that poor unlucky person a few times who has been seated in a seat right next to the toilet, it is also not very pleasant when people keep using the toilet every few minutes.

  • Using those hydrating face mask sheets during the flight.
    Trust me, I tried this one and felt like a complete idiot! I read about how great the SKII face sheets were for the plane and how all the people in the know use them to look fresh on the flight. Of course I had to try it. Not only do those face sheets look funny with the holes cut out for the eyes nose and mouth, you have to keep your head tilted to keep those things from sliding down your face. Plus you have liquid dribbling down your neck. Save these until you get to the privacy of your hotel room.